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Signatur: A600-P100-D001-A002
Farbe: s/w
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Typ: Silbergelatineabzug
Größe [HxBxT]: 25,20 x 20,20 x 0,10 cm
Sprache: Englisch
Studio: Mombasa (Kenia)
Aufnahme vom: 01.10.1972
Dr. Louis Leakey verstorben
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(WX14) Washington, March 22 -- Announces Discobvery -- Dr. L.S.B.Leakey and his wife look at a piece of bone taken from a 14 million years old creatue found in Kenya, Africa, as they discuss the find today at a Washington news conference. The famed British anthropologist said the discovery, which shows characteristics heading towards those of modern man, was the earliest yet in the chan of man's evolution. (AP Wirephoto) (See AP Wire Story) (rbo51720post) 1962.

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Dr. L.S.B. Leakey