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Signatur: A600-P210-D001-A001
Farbe: s/w
Anzahl: 1
Typ: Silbergelatineabzug
Größe [HxBxT]: 25,40 x 17,20 x 0,10 cm
Sprache: Englisch
Studio: Nairobi (Kenia)
Aufnahme vom: 25.03.1974
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Beschriftung Vorderseite:
(Lon17) Nairobi, Kenya, March 25 -- Ex -Nixon Aide A Museum Visitor -- Jill Ruckelshaus, who resigned last week as White House woman's affairs adviser, stands with Richard Leakey, director of Kenya National Museum during visit Monday. Leakey holds a human skull believed to be three million years old, which he discovered. Mrs. Ruckelshaus said Nixon should stay in office and face possible impeachment. Her husband, William, was fired by Nixon last October from his post as deputy attorney general. (AP Wirephoto via cable from London) (see AP [...]

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Skulls 1974