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Größe [HxBxT]: 23,00 x 17,70 x 0,10 cm
Sprache: Englisch
Studio: Washington (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
Aufnahme vom: 30.04.1970
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WAP-043005 4/30/70 WASHINGTON: Kenyan anthropologist Richard E. Leakey, 25, hold ups one of his discoveries, the skull of Australopithecus, a manlike creature that lived in Northern Kenya 2.6 mmillion years ago. Leakey's expeditions to Lake Rudolf also uncovered the fragmented skull of a possible early man (right foreground), and the primitive cutting tools used for skinning and dismembering game. They are believed to be the oldes stone tools ever unearthed--2.6 million years, plus or minus 260,000 years. National Geographic Society Photo via United Press International Telephoto dl/h.