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Joy, Charles R.
Biographien, Autorenwerke (Biographien, Gesamtwürdigungen)
The Africa of Albert Schweitzer
with him in his forest hospital at Lambarene as told in text and pictures by two recent visitors, Charles R. Joy & Melvin Arnold
New edition, revisedm with additional illustrations
Signatur: M002-B130-D001-A001
Autor: Joy, Charles R.
Buchart: Sachbuch
Verlag: Adam & Charles Black; Harper and Brothers, London; New York
Herausgeber: Joy, Charles R.
Veröffentlichung: 2019
Auflage: 2.Aufl.
Seiten: 160
Sprache: Unbestimmt
1. Preface (6); 2. The „Prisoner of Lambaréné“ (9); 3. The Struggle of Equatorial Africa (33); 4. „The Old Doctor“ (77); 5. From Rising of the Sun (91); 6. Worms and their Cure (111); 7. The Feast of St. John (145)
1. Epilogue (159)
Dokumentation über den Alltag im Hospital von Dr. Schweitzer

Textpassagen (Auszüge):
Albert Schweitzer is widely regarded as the most gifted genius of our age and the greatest European alive today. The authors of this remarkable „documentary“ lived during ist preparation at Dr. Schweitzer’s forst hospital at Lambaréné, sharing the daily life of the doctor and his hospital family. The result is a memorable record, in vivid photographs and equally descriptive text, of the hospital in its jungle setting, the patients and the workers, the detaileds of the organisation and the settlement, and above all the activities of Schweitzer himself in the hospital he founded forty-five years ago and has directed ever since. In this new edition both text and illustrations have been brought up to date. Of especial interest are the descriptions and photographs of the large new ‚leper village‘, with the building of which Dr. Schweitzer has been much occupied in his later years.