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Joy, Charles R.
Biographien, Autorenwerke (Biographien, Gesamtwürdigungen)
Albert Schweitzer ? An Anthology (Presentation Edition # 900)
Selections from the writings of the philosopher-theologian-musician-humanitarian. With unique Chronological Summary of Dr. Schweitzer’s life, and a Biographical Introduction.
Edited by Charles R. Joy
Signatur: M002-B131-D001-A001
Autor: Joy, Charles R.
Buchart: Anthologie
Verlag: The Beacon Press, Boston
Herausgeber: Joy, Charles R.
Veröffentlichung: 2019
Auflage: 1.Aufl.
Seiten: 323
Sprache: Unbestimmt
1. Preface (vii); Bibliography of Books by Dr. Schweitzer (xi); List of Abbreviations (xv); Introduction: A Modern Man’s Quest for the Holy Grail (xix); Anthology: The Sanctuary of Thought (3), The Struggle for Truth (30); The Search for Beauty (37), The Altars of the World (59), The Timelessness of Jesus (76), The Humanity of Paul (89), The Strengh of Christianity (94), God and his Kingdom (108), Affirmation and Negation (117), The Dignity of the Individual (129), The Transformation of Society (165), The Ideals of Civilization (197), The Religion of the Spirit (209), The Mystical Worl-View (222), Living Ethics (236), The Will-to-Live (248), Reverence for Life (259), The Sacredness of All that Lives (269), Retrospect and Prospect (283)
1. Biographical Data (291); Index of Subjects (309); Index of Titles (317)
Anthologie von Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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Appealing to the vast numbers now awakening to the greatness of Albert Schweitzer in our age – and similarly to those avid students of his writings – here is the cream of his literary work, carefully selected, abridged and classified in close cooperation with Dr. Schweitzer hilmself. […]