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Joy, Charles R.
Varieta (Theologie)
Harper’s Topical Concordance

Signatur: M002-B900-D001-A001
Autor: Joy, Charles R.
Buchart: Wörterbuch
Verlag: Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, London
Herausgeber: Joy, Charles R.
Veröffentlichung: 2019
Auflage: 1.Aufl.
Seiten: 478
Sprache: Unbestimmt

Textpassagen (Auszüge):
It is a noteworthy fact that no adequate topical concordance has ever hitherto been published. For centuries preaching from texts has been a Christian custom, yet the search for these texts clergymen have had to depend upon thier own knowledge, the ordinary concordance, and the fragmentary subject-indices usually appended to the Bible.[…]