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Reise- und Landschaften (Missionare)
Signatur: M010-P800-D001-A005
Aufnahmeort: Belgisch-Kongo
Farbe: s/w
Typ: Silbergelantineabzug
Anzahl: 1
Sprache: Deutsch

Beschriftung Rückseite:
This picture is for the boys. When our river boat stopped to let off a couple passengers at New Anvers on Congo river. Native and white settlers came to see friends among the passengers. (Natives bring food & sell) and these two birds seen in the picture came stalking down the path like they were part of the „show“. They were „so funny“ – and seemed so unafraid – an d acted like they were quite interested in the arrival of the boat – and as it were quite as big an event to them as to the people – they are Marabon.