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Reise- und Landschaften (Missionare)
Signatur: M010-P800-D001-A006
Aufnahmeort: Belgisch-Kongo
Farbe: s/w
Typ: Silbergelantineabzug
Anzahl: 1
Sprache: Deutsch

Beschriftung Rückseite:
Right. Ambrouse father, chief of village across river. I am holding 2 felish. Levy (shiped shirt) is holding witch trinkets. Ordinarily these things are not touched by natives as they are things of death, but those who know Jesus are not afraid. Boy …. – hat in hand – has other trinkets in his right gand – … other in bark cup on steps. We are more interested in this spiritual building than in the brick building behind them – where we are now living.