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1.The Empire Leakey Built:
Did he become too powerful for some ?
2.Finding the World's Earliest ManLeakey, L.S.B.01.09.1960141A600-Z420-D001-A001
3.The Leakeys of Africa:
Family in search of prehistoric man
Payne, Melvin M.-146A600-Z420-D001-A002
4.Making Friends With Mountain Gorillas:
In remote African highlands, a daring American woman studies some of man's closest nonhuman relatives in their age-old environment
Fossey, Dian01.02.1965145A600-Z420-D001-A003
5.The Leakey Tradition Lives OnPayne, Melvin M.01.01.1973144A600-Z420-D001-A004
6.Puzzling Out Man's Ascent-07.11.1977124A600-Z500-D001-A001
7.The Jungle Took HerSpalding, Linda01.05.1998214A600-Z680-D001-A001
8.Le Superbe Orénoque:
Au cours de 4 expéditions du delta aux sources
Grelier, Joseph01.02.195598E300-Z510-D001-A001
9.The Illustrated London News:
Vol. I May 14 to December 31, 1842
10.The Illustrated London News:
Vol. II January 7 to June 24, 1843
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